Marvel: “Go fetch coffee!”, Desperate Man: Invents Spider-Man instead

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Marvel is the most successful film franchise in history. Every single one of its movies have become hits — bringing in $22 billion worldwide. Competing franchises have yet to even come close to beating that number, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and James Bond.

However, Marvel’s wasn’t always recognized as the greatest. In fact, the company was once seen as embarrassing and even shunned and casted out by many.

Things didn’t start to change until an assistant — who fetched coffees and swept floors for $8 a week — came up with the idea of creating new and unlikely superheroes. They weren’t perfect, good-looking and athletic like traditional superheroes. Instead, they were flawed and had problems and weaknesses like regular people.

When the assistant pitched one of his most imperfect superhero ideas to his boss, he was told it was the worst idea ever. Convinced his boss was wrong, the assistant went behind his back and secretly released a comic to debut his new and unlikely superhero. That superhero is now voted the most popular in the world.

This is the story of how an assistant turned Marvel from a company seen as a joke to a multi-billion-dollar empire.

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