How Hollywood Makes Characters Walk On Walls | Movies Insider

Many movies, TV shows, and music videos have called for surreal sequences where the characters are thrown into zero gravity as the room they’re in starts to move around them, thus finding themselves walking on the walls and ceilings. It started when Fred Astaire danced on all corners of a room in 1951’s “Royal Wedding.” A rotating set with a fixed camera attached allowed the actor to dance with no gravity while still keeping his feet to the ground. This technique was applied in similar ways in movies like “Poltergeist” and “High School Musical 3,” as well as music videos like Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling” and Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry.” Movies like “Inception” innovated by allowing its actors to fight in a rotating hallway with multiple cameras capturing the action. In 2019, the pilot episode of HBO’s “Euphoria” used a revolving set to allow its main character, played by Zendaya, to walk on walls. VFX supervisors David Van Dyke and Nhat Phong Tran of Pixomondo told us how the show used everything from motion-control cameras to visual effects to create a scene with not one, but two centers of gravity.

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