“Bombshell” Director Jay Roach Breaks Down the Elevator Scene | In the Frame

Jay Roach is best known for directing films like Austin Powers, Meet the Parents, Trumbo, All the Way, Game Change, Dinner for Schmucks, and Mystery, Alaska. Jay Roach will take us through scenes for the new Bombshell movie, which focuses on the toxic work environment of Fox News and the former head of Fox News, Roger Ailes. This video is part of our Sundance Collab series where we team up with the Sundance Film Festival to speak with great directors to better understand their filmmaking process.

Jay Roach explains his process of directing scenes in this new film from Lionsgate Pictures. You will learn advanced techniques and tips from Jay as he takes you behind the scenes and touches on some of the techniques and preparation for Bombshell.

Jay Roach has built a successful career examining political climates and some of the most interesting true stories that affect us in our daily lives. Bombshell is no exception, which is no surprise why A-list stars like Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie would team up with Jay Roach to present the unknown story behind the curtain of Fox News.

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