MISSING FACE skull effect tutorial (Harvey Two Face, Breaking Bad) | After Effects & Blender

Steve Ramsden – Unexplored Films: Here’s our latest video effect tutorial – how to make it look like a character has half their face missing, revealing the skull beneath! Now is this possibly a bit more of a gory effect to try this time, but it was one that we were really keen to have a go at. This is designed to make it look like half the face is missing and showing through to the skull underneath and it’s been used in the TV show Breaking Bad for Gus Fring and in The Dark Knight with Harvey Two-Face, and it’s also a little similar to Imhotep in The Mummy and the cursed pirates in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, so this could be a fun one to do if you’re trying something with a fantasy element. If you enjoy this one, why not drop a comment for what Hollywood effect you would like to see recreated next.

Made using Blender to animate the 3D skull, and then composited in Adobe After Effects, also used to create the explosion and debris elements. Sound design done in Premiere.

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