Adobe Character Animator 2020 Release

The 2020 Release of Character Animator was released by Adobe. The new features include Animate using Keyframes, Scene Cameras, Triggerable Audio, Motion Lines behavior, Rigging Issues pane and search filter for behaviors, tags, and triggers.

Animate using keyframes:
Character Animator introduces keyframes. Use them to animate parameter values for behaviors over time.

Scene cameras:
Scene cameras give you more control over your scenes by allowing you to set up specific shots within your scenes. 

Triggerable audio:
You can assign audio to a trigger and play the audio back live or during a recording by invoking the trigger.

Motion Lines behavior:
This behavior draws lines along the motion path of and behind an object to convey fast movement.

Rigging Issues pane:
Identify rigging problems and get guidance to fix them.

Search filter for behaviors, tags, and triggers:
The search filter in the Puppet, Properties, and Triggers panel to easily search for behaviors, tags and triggers.

Check out all the new features of Character Animator here.

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Triggerable Audio:
Rigging Issues Panel:
Everything Else:


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